Injection Molding Technician

Company Name:
Set-up machines, heater boxes, cooling systems, valve gate systems and color equipment to achieve standard operating efficiencies.
Pull and set molds when instructed using chain hoists.
Adjusts process to maintain quality parts, by moving machine controls and guides.
Monitors machine parameters on Mattec system.
Set up box mover systems, robotics, conair systems, conveyors and granulators.
Perform general simple machine maintenance.
Drive forklift in and out of doors to move material, production and molds.
Enter production data in computer and analyze data.
Update production book on weekends and fill in for Team Leader when required.
Fill out charts and other reports and generate checklists.
Perform Manufacturing Associate duties as required.
General Duties:
Set molds and controls
Operate chain hoists. Climb on machines to perform duties. Maintain part standards. Troubleshoot problems. Analyze computer data. Fill in for co-workers as needed.
Salary: $20.00

Don't Be Fooled

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